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Welcome To Point Lumière
Awaken your
inner well-being

Welcome to Point Lumière, your source for pranic energy care and well-being. We are dedicated to helping you regain harmony and balance in your life through pranic energy care.


Pranic energy care: accelerated revitalization of the body-mind

Pranic energy care in short allows for accelerated revitalization of body and mind. This contactless energetic method draws on the flow of vital energy to stimulate natural recovery. It is based on the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and promotes enhanced well-being by acting on the connection between the energetic and physical body. Take this approach to optimize your health quickly.

Our energy care services

At Point Lumière, we offer pranic energy care for your physical and psychological well-being. Our sessions include:

Energy care

Aura cleansing


Clearing blockages

Cutting negative connections

White Sand and Stone

Reserve your path to health and serenity

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