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Twin Heart Meditation

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Discover this guided meditation by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, which awakens inner peace and cleanses the energy body.

What is Twin Heart Meditation?

Twin Heart Meditation is a brief meditation guided by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It is a simple yet powerful meditation. By practicing this meditation, the heart and crown chakras are activated, and activated heart and crown chakras provide a sense of inner peace to the person.

It cleanses the energy body and the aura from negative energies, thoughts, and emotions that create a state of discomfort. Practicing the Twin Heart Meditation is equivalent to taking a spiritual shower for the energy body.

By practicing it regularly, it leads to an improvement in character, generates good karmic actions, and much more.

The well-being process can be accelerated by practicing this meditation during the energy care sessions.


The energy of gratitude is the energy of abundance. The more grateful we are for what we have, the more it will increase. The less grateful we are for what we have, the less we will have.

By saying thank you and counting our blessings, we create and train the mind to think positively, increase our energy level and awareness, and fill ourselves with happiness.

The power of gratitude is stronger than any negative situation. Energy follows where we focus our attention. If we continue to focus on the problem, it will increase, and we will attract more problems. If we focus on blessings, we will attract more blessings.


Love can heal us. Love is within us, and a part of our essence is made of love. We need to provide and express love to ourselves first in order to share it with others.

Often, we forget to acknowledge ourselves, to thank ourselves for who we are, for our efforts to become the best version of ourselves, for our mistakes in life that allow us to grow and learn, for the realization that we did our best.

By providing and feeling love for ourselves, we will attract more people who love us, as that is the energy we project or radiate. We do not become dependent on anyone else's love to be given to us because we have so much self-love. We end up receiving and sharing more love.


Forgiveness is the key to inner peace, inner healing, emotional, mental, and physical healing. By holding on to painful events or situations, we create a burden that we carry within us. Every time we remember one of these events, we feel the same emotions within us, and we also feed those emotions, making our burden heavier.

In the long run, unpleasant emotions, whether conscious or unconscious, take up more and more space in our hearts and encroach upon our happiness and inner peace. We are not perfect; we are all growing and evolving. The process of evolution involves making mistakes, whether major or minor.

By wishing to forgive and move forward, we rid ourselves of the burden we have carried for some time and set ourselves free.


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